5KW solar system price in Pakistan

A 5KW solar system price in Pakistan is between Rs. 9,50,000 to Rs. 1,000,000. The average daily output of a 5KW solar system is between 21 to 25 units. In Pakistan, the average daily electricity consumption is around 30 to 35 units per day.

A 5KW solar system can cover around 70% of the daily electricity needs of a typical Pakistani household.

Solar Energy Prices in Pakistan

The cost of a 5KW solar system in Pakistan is quite high when compared to the prices of other countries. However, the price of solar panels has been dropping rapidly over the last few years and it is expected that the prices will continue to drop in the future.

The cost of installation and maintenance of a 5KW solar system is also quite high. However, the government of Pakistan is providing subsidies on the installation and maintenance of solar systems.

List of Solar Panels We Have

The use of solar energy is increasing exponentially each year. The Safeway Renewable Energy has made it their mission to provide the best quality and most affordable panels for this new trend in power production!

Safeway Energy offers several size options with various features that can distinguish one panel from another such as 24 volt system vs 12 volts etc.,

So you’re guaranteed finding what your needs may be at an unbeatable price point with us- all while saving money on electricity costs everyday by doing something good for our environment too.

The solar panels we have are as following:

On-Grid or Grid-tie Solar Inverters

The advantages of a grid tie solar inverter are that it can be connected directly to your power source without needing any extra equipment, and because you’re not using electricity from the main supply line there’s no risk involved in having live wires near where people lives or works.

A major downside is how much quieter these devices tend toward being compared with other types – so if silence isn’t an issue then this might not matter too much!

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Off-grid solar inverters are a great way to store and convert the energy from your off the grid system. They work in much different fashion than grid tie systems, where instead of connecting them directly into utility lines like with onsite batteries or charge panels you will need an additional device known as “Off Grid” which connects between two types: AC output for household use; 12/24V DC Circuit Breakers used mostly by businesses because they have higher amp requirements

Hybrid Solar Inverters

The multi-mode inverter is the intelligent choice, as it can intelligently manage power input from battery and solar panels. The batteries are either charged by way of electricity grid connection or stored energy in a supercapacitors when this type of protector has been installed onto your installation; quote prices available upon request

The Appliances You Can Use

5kW Solar Systems are perfect for anyone who wants to be environmentally friendly but doesn’t have the space. With a 5 kW system, you can power your home with clean energy while saving money on electricity bills!

The major appliances that come standard in these solar homes include:

  • 10 lights (both spotlights and track lighting)
  • 05 ceiling fans
  • 01 air conditioner or iron(which works best when paired up).

There’s also an additional refrigerator if needed – not all of them however operate at once so choose wisely!

Solar Energy Subsidies in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is providing subsidies on the installation and maintenance of solar systems. The subsidies are provided by the Ministry of Climate Change and the Department of Energy. The subsidies are available for both domestic and commercial solar systems. The subsidies are provided in the form of tax breaks and reduced tariffs.

With the rise of green energy, there are now more affordable and reliable options than ever before. One company that’s helping people find this technology is Safeway Renewable Energy with their prices being some of the best in Pakistan for solar systems!

They offer a 5kW solar system price in pakistan at an extremely low which will never disappoint you as well because it comes backed by international warranty policies from top suppliers like Canadian Solar or JA Solar just to name two companies offering high-quality products across all over Asia Pacific region.

Which Capacity Makes the Best Solar System For Home in Pakistan?

The answer is depends on how much electricity you use per month. If your household uses 300-350 units every single week then they should buy a 3KW or even 5 KW module because these giant systems can supply power during peak hours when others may not be able to do so easily due lack of sunlight which affects their availability as well prices at night time.

                             MONTHLY ELECTRICITY UNITS                          SYSTEM CAPACITY

300-350                                         3KW Solar System in Pakistan

500-600                                         5KW Solar System in Pakistan

1100-1200                                     10KW Solar System in Pakistan

1700-1800                                     15KW Solar System in Pakistan

2300-2400                                     20KW Solar System in Pakistan

2800-3000                                     25KW Solar System in Pakistan

3500-3600                                     30KW Solar System in Pakistan

4000-4200                                      35KW Solar System in Pakistan


A 5KW solar system price in Pakistan is quite high when compared to other countries but the government is providing subsidies which make it more affordable. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which is environmentally friendly and has many benefits.

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