Everything You Need to know about 20KW solar

20 kW Solar Systems

Solar energy has become increasingly popular in recent years as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional sources of energy. If you’re considering installing solar panels on your property, you may be wondering how much a 20 kW solar system costs. Read on to find out all the details about what factors affect the cost of a 20 KW system, as well as an estimated price for the installation. 

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Factors Affecting the Price of Installation 

The cost of installing a 20 kW solar system will vary depending on several factors, including local labor rates, the type and quality of the materials used, and any applicable taxes or fees. The size and configuration of your roof can also impact the overall cost—for example, if your roof is difficult to access or has an unusual shape, installation may take longer and require more materials than it would for a standard roof. Finally, you may be eligible for various tax credits or other incentives that can help lower the total price of your installation. 

Monthly Electricity Units

For energy-efficient electricity consumption, a 20kW system is a perfect solution for an average monthly usage of 2300 to 2400 units. Investing in this renewable source will surely power up your home – making it more sustainable over time!

20kw On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

Get the power you need and reduce your energy bills with an On-Grid Solar System from SAFEWAY Energy. Our systems are connected to utility stations, delivering access to excess electricity with net metering capabilities – all at an unbeatable price in Pakistan!

20kw OFF-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

Make energy independence possible with a 20kw Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan. Safeway Energy makes it easy and affordable to power your home or business off the grid – no need for net metering, just reliable solar-powered backup when you need it most.

20KW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

Get the best of both worlds with SAFEWAY ENERGY’s Hybrid Solar System! This 20KW powerhouse gives you double coverage for on-grid and off-grid solar power in Pakistan. Enjoy unparalleled energy independence coupled with a competitive price tag – let us show you what it means to take control of your future!

The Appliances You Can Use

A 20kW Solar System can power your home with a host of energy-efficient appliances, from up to 30 lights and 20 fans for vibrant lighted air circulation to 4 refrigerators and 2 water pumps that keep you cool on hot summer days. Indulge in modern luxuries such as LED TVs or even get creative by powering 1 AC unit plus an iron at the same time! And let’s not forget – it also has just enough juice for two washing machines!

Price Estimate 

The estimated 20 kW solar system price in Pakistan for the installation of a is between $30,000–$50,000 before any available tax credits are taken into account. Of course, this estimate is based on average labor costs and materials prices in most areas; actual prices may vary significantly depending on the specifics of your installation and other variables. Additionally, there are many financing options available that can help make solar more affordable for many homeowners. 


Installing a 20 kW solar system is an investment that can pay off big time in terms of both financial savings and environmental benefits. The cost varies greatly depending on many factors such as local labor rates and tax credits; however, estimates generally range from $30,000-$50,000 before any potential savings from incentives are taken into consideration. Above all else do your research—talk with local professionals who specialize in solar installations to get an accurate estimate for putting up panels at your home or business. We also offer the 5kw solar system, you might be interesting to check.


How Much Does a 20KW Solar System Cost?

Safeway Energy (Pvt) Ltd. offers an unbeatable rate for a 20KW Solar System to customers in Pakistan, ensuring that the market’s best quality parts are included – from solar panels and inverters all the way through installation.

How Many Solar Panels Are in a 20KW System?

When it comes to solar panel productivity, more is always better. Higher wattage panels can provide you with the same power output as lower wattage models but will require fewer overall units – so 37 x 530W instead of 57 x 350W for a 20kWh system. With higher quality systems, not only are your costs reduced in terms of unit requirements but also in even greater savings from increased energy efficiency over time!