TAKING PAKISTAN’S INDUSTRIES TO                            EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS

We help you revive the nation’s industry and agriculture the sustainable way.

As a developing nation and one of the most vulnerable to climate change, Pakistan needs to move away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy in order to keep the pace. Solar energy can take the place of fossil fuel generated energy easily so that industries can continue their important functions while greatly reducing the pollution caused by the latter.
We offer some of the most efficient and cost-effective solar panels on the market which are suitable for commercial and industrial needs. For the most reliable coverage we recommend a grid-connected system so you never have to worry about those cloudy days.



Reasons to choose a grid-connected system.

There are many benefits of choosing a grid-connected (also known as on-grid) solar energy system. For one thing, you can always rely on the grid in case of inconstant solar energy and not worry about availability. By leaving out the battery, installation is simplified and you not only save on your initial setup but also long term, as batteries require upkeep and maintenance can be costly. Finally, with net-metering an on-grid system you can say goodbye to a huge chunk of your electric bills! For truly uninterrupted power supply, contact us about synchronizing your solar installation with any existing diesel generators.


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