Multi-busbar Technology

The Duomax Twin module adopts multi-busbar technology, which can shorten the current conduction distance by more than 50% and thus decline in the internal ribbon resistance by up to 15%. The design of finer and narrower busbars effectively reduces the shading area and thus increases the effective light receiving surface. MBB technology can decrease the chance of power loss due to micro-cracking, thus increasing energy efficiency. Trina Solar was the first to implement the mass production of MBB in Nov. 2017.

Higher Performance with Strong Core Technologies

The core technology of Duomax Twin lies in its bifacial cells, in which Trina Solar has the most sophisticated R&D and industrialization capabilities. Trina Solar owns cutting-edge double-glass technology and takes the lead in implementing the mass production of double-glass modules. The company has led the market share of the MBB double-glass modules.