Technical Consultancy Services on Solar Power Projects

Providing the right information towards a more sustainable energy approach for Pakistan.

We’re Pakistan’s leading solar company developing precise, high-performance solar projects for installation and providing a wide variety of solar energy solutions and services that promotes the use of mainly solar and other sustainable energy sources. We provide solar energy consultancy services to local and international clients.

Our expert engineers and consultants provide professional support at project design, analysis, and implementation phases. Our team monitors all technological developments and applies the latest industry developments combined with their extensive know-how. We provide in depth and detailed research keeping our customers up to date with the latest trends.

Safeway Renewable Energy Solutions provides high-powered consultancy services to its customers with a primary focus on the quality value, performing exhaustive data gathering necessary for everything from site selection to operations phases for solar power plant projects. Our consultants complete every project efficiently, effectively, and error-free, maintaining a highly professional manner grounded on the latest research.

We empower our sustainability concepts with cutting-edge tools and software, utilized by our experience and innovative insight.


Making a Positive Impact Across The Pakistan.

Provides a review of the proposed solar project’s contractual documents with an evaluation of the technical design to verify compliance and ability to meet contractual obligations. It includes a construction Document and Cost Review with options to expand its scope to fit the needs of your project, including services such as a Contractor Evaluation, Financial Analysis, etc.

Our solar experts help clients determine the feasibility of a solar system for their facility. This includes on-site visual observations of the building and surrounding property, as well as conceptual site plans, preliminary layouts, and economic analyses for the proposed PV system.

We perform due diligence assessments as appropriate, including Environmental Site Assessments, Wetlands Assessments, Topographic Surveys, Biological / Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys, Energy Yield Studies and more.

 This includes geotechnical analysis of subsurface conditions and a recommendation for the appropriate type of foundation for the proposed solar systems.

We generate an independent financial model for your project to verify all inputs and results, income, expenses and reserves, and debt sizing.

We provide commercial solar systems design and engineering services to meet your energy needs while also meeting all permitting requirements needed for approval.

Our team provides structural, electrical, and engineering oversight and construction progress monitoring services to ensure the successful implementation of a solar system.

As part of the commissioning process, we review and finalize commissioning checklists, generate a Punch List for each system, and conduct and review Performance Tests and Capacity Tests. We also provide the following certifications: Mechanical Completion, Substantial Completion, Final Completion, Ability to Produce, and Place in Service.

We can help streamline the process of designing, evaluating, funding, and implementing your next energy project. This can include designing appropriate energy solutions, managing the contractor selection and bid process, providing construction oversight, managing timelines and schedules, optimizing procurement and financing options, managing all third-party communications on behalf of the client, and facilitating client training to ensure ongoing success of energy projects

We have produced thousands of high-quality PV designs and assessments all over Pakistan for huge companies and we are looking forward to providing that very same support for you!


What Our Clients Say

Wonderful services provided by the professionals of Safeway Renewable Energy. I am very satisfied by the Grid-Tied System installed at my house and office.

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan

10kW, Zaman Park, Lahore

I was worried about the Solar System initially because I had bad experience from other Solar company but my all apprehensions were removed after the installation of Solar System from this company . From last two years, I am enjoying the Solar Energy and contributing in the National Grid.

Dr. Zafar Moin Nasir

10kW, DHA, Islamabad

I am highly impressed by this company on providing best products and best services. From last one year, I am devoid of electricity bill.

Dr. Safdar Ali Butt

10kW, F-10, Islamabad

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