Enjoy the full comforts and amenities of your home without guilt or stress.

Can you imagine having all your major appliances powered without costing you an arm and a leg? How about never stressing over extended periods of load-shedding every year? That life of ease is possible when you switch to solar energy. We offer special packages for homeowners depending on their requirements and the number of appliances such as fans, TV and refrigerators.

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Benefits & Advantages

The most advantageous for residential clients is the on-grid system, which is more affordable because it does not require a battery. This is recommended if you want the security of remaining connected to the electrical grid while also decreasing reliance on it, thanks to your own solar power. Within months of an on-grid solar installation, it is possible for homeowners to reduce their electricity costs by almost 90%. By contributing surplus energy back to the grid, you give back more to those around you while enjoying the benefits of low bills. A solar energy installation also greatly increases the value of your property. Invest in your home and your community with Safeway Renewable Energy’s solar installations.