List of Solar Companies in pakistan

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to contribute towards a brighter, more sustainable future. With improved technology driving down costs and increasing productivity of solar panels, the number of people opting for solar power systems continues to grow, as does the list of solar companies in Pakistan providing services.

Best Solar Companies in Pakistan – List of Top 10 Solar Companies in Pakistan

  • Safeway Renewable Energy
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Limited
  • SkyElectric Limited
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Pakistan Solar Services
  • Alpha Solar
  • Zi Solar
  • Shams Power
  • Yellowdoor Energy

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd has cemented its reputation as Pakistan’s premier solar company by embracing innovation, keeping customers front and center, and ensuring integrity in all projects without fail -all of this within a short period since inception. This bedrock is what makes Safeway the go-to option for those seeking sustainable energy solutions.

List of Best Solar Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to some of the best solar energy companies in the world. Companies like

  • Safeway Renewable Energy
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Limited
  • SkyElectric Limited
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Pakistan Solar Services

are transforming how Pakistani citizens access clean energy on a daily basis.

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd has established itself as one of the top solar energy companies in Pakistan. With a presence spanning from London to Hong Kong and its origins lying here in the country, Safeway has been dedicated to providing efficient solutions for renewable energies at competitive prices since 2013. The company values environmental sustainability above all else – aiming towards greater autonomy of various industry segments by transforming their traditional sources into renewable ones without compromising on quality or affordability. For those who want reliable power with minimal eco-impact: Go Solar with the Best Solar Company in Pakistan!

Customer Support and Maintenance

At Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited, we are passionate about providing reliable and efficient customer support. Our friendly staff is always on hand to assist both existing clients as well as potential customers – with a 3-hour response time for quotes! Long-term maintenance services are also available in order to provide our valued customers with lasting satisfaction after solar system installation.

Net Metering

Furthermore, as an AEDB-certified V1 supplier of Solar Solutions, we have more than 14% shares in the total KWs Net-Metered nationwide – offering extensive net metering facilities from document preparation up to post-installation follow-ups.


Safeway Energy is revolutionizing the way people can access renewable energy solutions. With support from the State Bank of Pakistan’s Solar Financing Program, Safeway makes it easy to take advantage of solar systems with low-cost installation and high-quality products sourced by world-renowned manufacturers. Utilize their comprehensive service package that covers everything from application preparation to system installation for a reliable return on investment today!

On-grid Solar System

Unlock the power of solar energy with Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited. Their 3kW On-grid Solar System – now available at an affordable price – not only ensures you get sustainable and clean energy but also allows for surplus electricity to be exported in exchange for credits via a net metering system. Get ready to invest smarter and make a difference today!

Off-grid Solar System

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited offers an Off-grid Solar System perfect for remote locations and agricultural needs. This system is designed with battery backup, making it suitable even during power outages or load-shedding events. With no connection to the grid, there’s also no net metering— but our competitive pricing makes this a cost-effective solution. Invest in your future today with Safeway Renewable Energy!

Hybrid Solar System

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to energy inefficiency with Hybrid Solar Systems. This combination of off-grid and grid-tie technology provides not only supplemental electricity but also serves as a secure backup source should load shedding occur. Additionally, the system allows for net metering installation so that you can benefit from financial incentives while simultaneously improving your home’s sustainability credentials – all at competitive prices!

List of Solar Panels Brands We Deal In

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited is proud to offer the best quality and most pocket-friendly solar panels available. Our selection of products ranges from

  • Jinko Solar
  • Longi Solar
  • Canadian Solar

– offering a variety of models with distinct features designed for any need. In addition to these fine brands, we also have inverters suited specifically towards either grid-tie systems, off-grid/stand-alone power systems – or hybrid variants! Get in touch today for your free quote and see how Safeway can provide you with the perfect renewable energy solution at highly competitive prices!

On-Grid or Grid-tie Solar Inverters

At Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd., we provide grid-tie solar inverters to keep your home appliances powered and you connected. Our energy solutions utilize DC power from the sun and convert it into AC, all while synced with a utility line interface. To learn more about our competitively priced on-grid/grid-tie solar inverter in Pakistan – contact us today!

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd offers innovative Off-Grid Solar Inverters that allow you to access reliable, renewable energy sources with ease. Contrary to grid-tied inverter systems, off-grid solutions don’t require connection to traditional utility lines – this allows users the freedom and flexibility of obtaining electric power from PV panels directly into their batteries or charge banks via AC conversion! Get a quote now for unbeatable prices in Pakistan on all your off-grid solar inverter needs

Hybrid Solar Inverters

Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Limited offers hybrid solar inverters, the smart choice for advanced technology and numerous advantages. By connecting these intelligent devices to your system, you can enjoy power input from multiple sources – be it optimal Solar PV plates or batteries charged by either electricity grid connections or solar energy. Get in touch with us today for a quote on Hybrid Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan!